From Head to Heart

The longest journey you can ever take is from your head down to your heart.  I know, because I’m a master at getting stuck in my own head.  I can chew things over, analyze, script conversations, and generally make myself crazy trying to figure out how and why some of my life experiences happened.  Some things just don’t have a “how” or a “why” that we can ever understand.  Cee knows when I get quiet and withdrawn that I’ve worked myself into my little mental hamster wheel and I’m running in circles as fast as I can.  And I’m getting nowhere but tired.

What we do in the Grief Recovery Method is learn special techniques that you can use to get out of your head and move down to your heart.  The heart is where the real healing begins.  So many of us tend to hide behind our intellect as a way to avoid feeling pain.  We’re taught that from childhood.  Don’t cry.  Be brave.  Be strong.

Our hearts are broken.  Our hearts hurt and are sad.  We are taught not to listen to our hearts.  We are taught not to feel sad.  We are taught that time will heal all wounds.  But those are intellectual words that take us back out of our heart and into our head.

To heal the heart you have to take a leap of faith, feel what is in your heart, and then you can begin to heal it.  Then you can begin to enjoy life, to live life, to look forward to the new day, to walk out into the sunshine and be happy.  To smile.  Just because it feels good.

Feeling out of touch with your heart?  We’ll be putting out a list of feelings tomorrow that will help you get back in touch.

Hugs and blessings,


12 Replies to “From Head to Heart”

  1. You are so right Chris, but we still get caught in that wheel. I really had a bad last week; I thought I was doing good yesterday until one of my office coworker did a bad joke on me (a repetitive joke 😦 which I didn’t appreciate hearing (again). And it was 5:30PM in the afternoon after a long day of meetings and report writing. MZ


    1. Sorry to hear about your bad week. Sounds like your coworker needs to transfer to another office! Yes, we do keep getting caught up in that wheel. The scientists tell us that each time we do that, it strengthens the path so we do it again and again. It takes some conscious effort to retrain our minds, doesn’t it? Here’s hoping tomorrow goes better for you. Hugs!


    1. You can find the Feelings List at
      It’s hard to go from head to heart. We have been so conditioned throughout life to be strong and stoic. I think it’s good to get in touch with our feelings, but sometimes we really don’t know what we’re feeling, so this list can help. We alphabetized it on purpose so that you’d have to read through everything and not just grab the first thing you see.


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