Puppy Surgery!

Sorry I haven’t been posting this week but our little pug puppy Maddie had surgery on Monday. She had an impacted baby tooth removed and was spayed. We’ve been busy trying to keep her quiet so she wouldn’t pull her sutures. That is more than a job for both of us combined. This puppy was overly endowed with energy. And speed. And dexterity. She’s been on lead when she wasn’t in her playpen. Her older sister can’t understand why we won’t let them wrestle and run sprints around the house like normal.
I’m exhausted!!! And frazzled!! With another week of this to go!!!!!

10 Replies to “Puppy Surgery!”

  1. Awwww … I’ve been following her journey since her adoption. Ssooo sad that she’s had many difficulties. Hopefully she will heal quickly so she can go back to being part of her family crew. Take as much time as you need to care for your fur children. 🙏
    Izzy 😎

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  2. I hope she is coming along well. I think when we haven’t had a puppy in the house for a while we forget just how much work they can be but she is so cute that I’m sure you don’t mind.


    1. She is coming along splendidly. She gets her sutures out next Thursday and we can let her run and jump again. When she and her sister get chasing each other around the house we call them our Tasmanian devils after the Looney Tunes cartoon characters. I thought a Taswegian would appreciate the reference. 😀

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  3. Oh my! So pleased to learn she’s doing ok, but clearly not a good patient. She sounds like one of my cat’s who when she had a broken leg in plaster decided to leap up 3ft to a tiny tiny open window as she did not agree with staying indoors for her recovery! Like you we were frazzled, but it does get better 🙂


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